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Secretarial Training

The team here at Marie Bailey has a dual-purpose approach to how we work, and specialises in two fields, training and recruitment. We believe that the perfect secretary or personal assistant has to have the right skills and knowledge to back them up in the workplace. Through our associated London agency, Souters, we can improve your office, admin, secretarial and PA skills and set you up for the best secretary recruitment opportunities available in today's job market.

Through the expert guidance of our specialist trainers, you will gain a solid foundation which will then help you secure a well-paying role in the secretarial or PA fields. We also provide educational services to organisations around the London area and our professional trainers will ensure that your staff remains up-to-date with the latest techniques and knowledge in these important administrative roles. Forget about recruiting new staff to optimise your company's internal processes.

We can provide you with an easier way of streamlining your internal admin performance by giving your current staff practical knowledge that they can then use in the workplace. More than just an executive PA recruitment agency in London, Marie Bailey is also one of the top educational firms in the area. We realise that knowledge comes first and can provide a solid foundation to the experience that your staff will later build up while working for you. For an effective training programme which will give your employees the skills that they need, get in touch with our team today.

PA Recruitment

On the other hand, if you are searching for the ideal candidate to fill an open secretarial or PA position within your company, we can also help you out here. Our unique approach will ensure that your business does not have to work hard to achieve a fully staffed office. Once we have provided our job seekers with the training that they need, we will then focus on candidate positioning so that they get the very best chance to secure a role that they will truly love. In the past, we have successfully filled roles at a range of major businesses and organisations around the country.

We always take great pride whenever we provide one of our candidates with the opportunity to gain a role that is both challenging and rewarding, giving them an extra boost towards their career goals. If you are searching for something specific, such as legal secretarial recruitment London wide, there really is no agency better than Marie Bailey.

Our expertise stretches over a number of fields and industries and we can safely say that we can source out an applicant for any open administrative position that you may have. From simple secretarial roles to advanced executive PA positions, we can supply you with an employee who will have a wide range of office skills and techniques on hand and ready to use within your workplace. For the very best in secretarial training and recruitment, look no further than the services offered by Marie Bailey.

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