About Us

About Us

Marie Bailey has a unique, dynamic and sharp edged approach to how we work. Where needed, we give our candidates the best training to improve their office, administration, secretarial and PA skills, supported by the excellent team of talented professional trainers at our associated company, SOUTERS.

An increase in demand generated by the Training Centre caused the people at Souters to look for top quality recruitment personnel to work with and thus was formed Marie Bailey.

Candidates successful in their exams at Souters often approach us asking for help and support in finding a suitable job, as well as help with CVs and interviewing.

In addition to these service our associate company which was founded in 1988 provides training services for quality organisations within London and the surrounding areas, which have included Buckingham Palace and the House of Commons to name just two.

To us, it seemed only sensible to tie these two sides together, and make it a level playing field. At Marie Bailey when we do something we believe in doing it right and believe in treating others, in a respectful open manner, very similar to how we would wish to be treated.

There are obvious benefits to having Marie Bailey candidates, working for you. They are a serious about a particular role, such as being a PA, career PA, they want to be a PA/EA/Secretary and therefore not inclined to using the job as a stepping stone to HR or Marketing for example. This means, to you as a business, they will stay with you for a longer period of time, as loyal hard working employees, saving you money, and giving you the confidence you need in your staff. Training centre sourced candidates approach us and pay for their own courses proving their dedication to their chosen career and commitment to professionalism. We look for the same qualities in candidates who have not come to us through the training process.

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