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An agency is built upon its reputation, which can only come from the quality and calibre of the candidates that we put in front of the clients, and the dedication our team puts in to find these top quality people. We have noted that some agencies struggle to attract the best possible candidates from the market place.

At Marie Bailey we have a constant supply of quality people no matter what stage of the economic cycle we are in. These people approach our team members, and our courses are busy throughout the calendar. We are receiving fresh, career driven administration, secretarial and PA candidates.

Numerous people attend our training courses because they want to further themselves and be the best in their field, these people want to be involved as office staff and will not be leaving in 12 months once they have found a role in another career.

Testing Candidates

Our partner company(SOUTERS) is a fully developed and accredited training and official testing station.

We therefore have the best possible testing equipment for IT skills, secretarial skills etc. Of course if you have your own candidate and they don't meet your full requirements we can arrange related training for you.

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