About Us

Why use Marie Bailey

  • We are passionate and dedicated
  • We train. Candidates enjoy our courses and recommend friends and colleagues
  • We have access to 100s of candidates both trained and from experienced backgrounds outside of our training stream.
  • We work with some candidates for months and have a great idea of their character and personality, which makes it easy for us to match the best suitable person to your requirements. Studies have shown that if you get the right personality match you will retain that member of personnel longer, which means a great deal to us, as we want to get it right for you! We help with interviews and CV, we develop and coach our candidates and do not just pick a CV off the Internet and send it on to you! We like to visit your offices if you agree so we can see the right type of match for your environment.
  • Every candidate is met face to face and we then conduct an in depth interview. This is not only to discuss their work history, but about them, as people. Including their goals; their dreams; where have they come from; their background and their key strengths. You can tell a lot about a person from learning about their interests and achievements outside the work place, for example a member of the university rowing club demonstrates a massive commitment, hard worker, team player and not afraid to fight and has a competitive nature.

What makes us better?

  • We are interested as in you as a person, not just your CV, we promise to listen to your goals and try to help you achieve the long term career dream, you have always wanted!
  • If you have any IT skill gaps we can offer you a training course to ensure you get that particular job.
  • We will give you the best interview training and not only that, you can experience top quality CV tips and access our CV writing service.
  • We work with large UK companies.
  • We care about you getting a job.
  • Marie Bailey stands out in a crowd as we offer you so much more than a job, we aim to develop a career for you and improve your skills and most importantly support you each step of the way.

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